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What an incredible cartoon. The backgrounds and compositing are really great, the sense of movement in the skiing is especially strong and way overshadow the tiny bits of chop here and there (which all feel right where they are anyway and the keys for this are great anyway). The ending just made me go "well, that's probably exactly what I'd do" Plus the little self congratulatory sounds the skier made put a smile on my face. That mysterious hunter was also really nicely designed.

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That shot of the light through the trees is so good. Also the frantic bit with the lemon makes my skin crawl (in a good way). The little fox is really cute and you really captured the sometimes esoteric nature of dreams with some some really great backgrounds too!

I'd love to see your original draft for this because I understand the nightmare that is compromising for jams (the real bad dream i guess) and it definitely feels like you originally wanted it to go further with it. That being said, I think you did great and what you got in the end was great!

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This is really cute and charming. The character designs are great, the action is well implemented, especially the last punch. I really dig rhythmic editing like yours. Plus, as a mecha fan, this was extra fun! I also love how you connected this to Prisoner of the Clairvoyant. I'm eager to see how you connect them all.

I did notice a slight disconnect in style between your clean, slick, modern animation and the emulation of the 1930s. The aesthetic was there, but it didn't feel like a 1930s cartoon. That's not really a point against this really great cartoon, and not that you had to actually stick that closely to it, I just noticed it because there were attempts to do 30s era movements.
I'm just thinking about it because your cartoons are clearly made with thought put into them, so I feel like it would be a shame to not think critically about them!

Excited for your next one!

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This is really cute! I like your interpretation of how he would look with a higher poly count! Colour choice is super pleasing too!

So cute and you create a nice contrast between her softness and the hardness of the metal!

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I really like the style of this. Like adorable meets deranged.

Voice actor, animator, artist. I'll always post my best stuff here.

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