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Updates again

2017-12-19 09:33:40 by KloudKat

Hey Newgrounds! Long time, no post! I've been super busy with loads of new stuff, if you look at my Twitter and stuff, but soon I'm gonna do a huge art dump here, although I have to strip back a lot of the chaff, since you guys on here seem to be the hardest to please, which is not a bad thing!

Uni Stuff Again

2017-05-06 15:54:20 by KloudKat

So I have a few weeks of uni left for this semester. I'm gonna be uploading the cartoons I've made for my assignments, as I needed to work on new stuff anyway. They're very different from my usual style since I'm required to compile everything in After Effects which is slightly different to how I usually work things and they have a lot of restrictions placed on them to fit within assignment boundaries. I think they'll be okay. I'm just not sure if I should post them as they were for the assignment, or make them better over all.


2017-04-29 10:10:42 by KloudKat

Initially, I figured I'd keep up everything as a show of progress, but they were just eyesores. I cleaned  amajority of the crappy old art off my Newgrounds and they aren't coming back. I'll upload better stuff here in the future. 


2017-04-13 11:26:56 by KloudKat

I still live! I'm working on cartoons, I swear! Uni is chewing my time, but I plan to use uni to make stuff to upload here and get better!


2017-02-06 08:52:38 by KloudKat

Ding dong damn! I am so close to finishing my latest cartoon! I tried a new animation method, and I figured out how to drastically raise sound quality! Alsomaking a cartoon for an animation contest on Twitch, so you guys will see that too! Plus my second year of my animation degree begins!


2017-01-21 00:29:03 by KloudKat

Hey guys! Cartoon and illustrations are on the way! My current cartoon is almost done. It's not gonna look the best because I was trying something out, but the next one will be a lot more polished. It might be done within the next month!

Slow learning

2016-11-21 23:53:50 by KloudKat

Trying to find new stuff to work in other than Flash to get my cartoons more in line with my still art style is taking  a looooong time.

New stuff on the way

2016-09-18 23:37:55 by KloudKat

Okay, so Creep jam is over and I learned a whole lot in a short space of time with my three day cartoon 'Crepe Jam'.

With that done, I can now continue with some of my fancier projects.  
"Loop Chase"
"Go With the Flow"
and many smaller ones in between. I might throw in another Sleepycabin animated because they're fun and good for practice.  I found a ton of new tricks I want to try out on these ones! Might be a tad slow, since I have a few uni assessments to work on, but the best part is, I'm using those assessments to get stuff doen I would do anyway, like starting my webcomic, writing cartoon scripts and improving my art!

What's up?

2016-09-10 01:25:25 by KloudKat

Okay, so uni is going well! I'm not doing many actual animation units this semester, but I'm really learning to tighten up my art and my writing! I hope that'll yield higher quality cartoons in the future!

I'm also trying out alternate ways of animating, because I just can't draw the way I want in flash. I'll figure it out. Got loads of cartoons scripted and ready to get started on.

Also animating intensely to get ready for Creep Jam on September 12.

New works on the way and university!

2016-05-11 13:35:09 by KloudKat

So I recently started doing more traditional work on paper. I don't have a great scanner at the moment, so I haven't posted them up. They're a great deal more appealing than some of the crap I've posted here, since my Digital work is pretty weak. Working on several more cartoons too. Very early stages since I shuffle aound a lot with what idea to sink effort into first, also I've been very busy with a day job at the moment, so I have very little spare time with upcoming convention prep to do. Once work calms down and the upcoming con is over, it's back to setting aside full days of cartoon work. I really have missed it and I'm keen to get more done. Including some improv toons, some of my shitty scripted jokes and one that wa soriginally going o be live action, but would still work as a cartoon.

Also, I'm going back to university! I'm going to enrol in the animation course there to maybe help me clean up my stuff and see if it helps me!